Technical phpBB Migration

Currently, phpBB won't run a listserv, which means you can't post to the group by email and users will not be sent new posts by email.

However we are working on an extension for phpBB which will let you run a listerv that also posts to the forum.

I will need a copy of your group archive as a PG4 or DB3 file.

I will stage a copy of your new forum on my Sandbox site for you to check.

Here is an example forum converted from a Yahoo group

The price for a conversion is $200 + $2 per 1000 messages loaded. So a group of 10,000 messages would cost you $220 to convert to phpBB.

I don't provide hosting but most hosts have a one step installer for phpBB and the hosting itself is inexpensive. E.g. $32 a year (Dreamhost).


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