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        Facebook group data backup service.

                  Posts, replies, photos, videos, links.

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New! Facebook Group Media Downloader app. Gets all Photos, Albums, Videos, etc.

If you also need the messages from your group why not consider our download service?

Request the first 1000 messages of your group downloaded for free here
Just send me the URL of your group.

The backup comes with its own viewer to make reading easier. A video demo is here

A variety of export formats are available including WORD, PDF, HTML, CSV, SQLite, MySQL, etc.

The download costs from $30.

The Media Downloader has a free trial of 14 days or 1000 files downloaded.
It costs $15 for a licence which can be purchased in the app.

To enquire about Facebook group message archiving, please contact us here

If you require a download of your group for any legal reason, have your lawyer contact us directly here

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