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offline.gif spacer.gifWelcome to the PG Offline website.

spacer.gifYahoo Group Downloader.

blueball.gif spacer.gif Download all the messages and photos from a Yahoo group and archive them.

blueball.gif spacer.gif Import/Export all or a range of messages for group/s as one file.

blueball.gif spacer.gif Hide posts prefixed with '>' so when you're reading a thread you only see new posts.

blueball.gif spacer.gif Mark special messages as 'Favourite' so you can find them again easily.

blueball.gif spacer.gif Sort by author, date, message number, subject, favourite or new status.

blueball.gif spacer.gif Search messages by author, subject or content even over multiple groups!.

blueball.gif spacer.gif Save and load search parameters. Save and load search results.

blueball.gif spacer.gif View only new messages & read them in a digest format.

blueball.gif spacer.gif See statistics for the group. See how many posts you've made, etc.

arrow.gifspacer.gif View screen shots of PG Offline here!

arrow.gifspacer.gif Download the FREE fully featured trial version of PG Offline today!


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